MCO 3.0 PROMO BUY 2 SETS FREE 1! Chef Wan’s Signature Sambals Gift Set



Spice up your meals with Chef Wan’s Signature Sambals! Bring more sizzle and seasoning to your favourite dishes with our seasonal sambals, a versatile spread that adds extra ‘Oomph’ to all kinds of cooking. Each premium condiment has its own distinctive character, making creative use of traditional ingredients.

Sambal Hitam Belimbing marries the sweetness of starfruit with the fire of red bird’s eye chillies for a refreshing, tongue-tingling sensation.

Sambal Tempoyak Petai enchances the aromatic depth of your dishes with fermented durian, dried shrimp and cluster beans – warning: this is super addictive!

Sambal Hijau Ikan Masin banishes blandness from your dinner table with the potent umami of salted fish, balanced with vibrant green chillies and ginger for the best of sea and earth.

Acar Buah DeWan promises a lively tang with its pickled mix of citrus fruits, lemon peels, raisins, dates and nutmeg, perfect for fans of mouth-puckering flavours!

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